Kat Millar from Amplify Your Influence presents...  

  Attract Your Avatar: Saturday 11th August 2018, 10:30am - 5pm Suncorp Discovery Store, 197 Pitt Street, Sydney 

Would You Like To Attract A Steady Stream Of Your Ideal Clients?

I get it...

  • You get overwhelmed with all the different marketing methods out there  
  • You feel frustrated trying to decide whether to invest time in Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Blogging, Videos......  
  • You've tried Facebook or Google ads, but lost money and still didn't get any clients  
  • You've been to many seminars, webinars and read countless articles, but can't seem to piece it all together and make it work for you  
  • You're confused about whether to spend more time on networking, Facebook groups, investing in ads or even just throw it all in....  

Maybe you already have a few clients, but not enough to make your business sustainable. 

Or you've worked with people for free, but haven't gone to the next step and asked them for money.

Maybe you've been spending too much time on 'busy work', but you're still not seeing a change in your bank account. 

A few years back, I was also struggling to get enough clients in my business. I was overflowing with ideas and was busy creating content, but I just didn't know where to find clients. 

I knew I could help people and had value to provide, but I didn't have the right people to offer it to. 

Even when I did start to find people, I wasn't sure how to make offers in an enticing way to get people to take the next step.

I was wasting time and feeling exhausted, because I was missing ONE important part.  

 A simple strategy that allows you to sign up clients straight away (within ONE day, or even just 2 hours!)  

This strategy allowed me to:

* Get in front of my ideal clients

* Grab their attention so that they listened intently to what I said

* Gain the 'know, like and trust' factor instantly

* Share my offers in a way that was appealing and had them saying "Yes!" straight away  

This rarely-utilised strategy will be your new secret client-getting advantage. 

This seemingly unfair advantage seemed to be path that my competition was either completely unaware of, or were simply not willing to take!

But I knew it was the path I had to take…  

And I'm going to share the exact path with you at the workshop. 

People often ask me things like:  

How do I get the confidence to charge what I'm worth?

Where do I find my ideal clients and engage with them?

What's the best way to start? 

How do I best promote myself effectively on social media? 

That's exactly what I cover in this workshop.

I created a simple, step-by-step process that will show you exactly how to find the right clients and sign them up.  

You'll discover what to stop wasting time on and what to start doing straight away to get fast results. 

You'll walk away with the exact system to finally get paid what you're worth, so you can leave your job and stick to doing what you love!

The workshop is designed for Coaches, Consultants & Educators who aren't necessarily super-confident extroverts - but have a valuable message to share.  

So, what's the secret behind this approach?

When you deliver your message in the way that I show you, you will no longer be competing with everyone else...  

Instead… you just need to:  

1. Be yourself... your unique story and gifts set you apart  

2. Have a solution that your ideal client wants help with 

3. Commit to showing up

The system then shows you how to do the rest. 

Here's What You'll Learn In This Powerful 1-Day Workshop:

  • The 'Income Igniter Formula': how to attract a steady stream of your ideal clients... even if you're starting from scratch  
  • The exact strategies to avoid in your stage of business (to reduce wasting your time and money)  
  • The 3 M's that can transform your business, instantly  
  • Proven copywriting ideas that hook people straight away, while using authentic language - including my top 'Do's and Don't's' and Mistakes to avoid  
  • 3 low-cost marketing strategies that create big results, and don't require specialised technical knowledge  
  • How to create an effective, easy-to-follow social media plan to connect with and offer value to your tribe  
  • The 3 rules that are crucial not to violate when it comes to marketing online 

At this workshop, you will not only be learning but you'll be GETTING STUFF DONE!  

It's a small, exclusive setting so you get to meet other entrepreneurs, receive advice on your own business, and get direct help from me with the most important piece of the puzzle - how to IMPLEMENT!

Join Us At The 'Attract Your Avatar' Workshop

Earlybird tickets only $97 - until midnight, Monday 6th August

Includes refreshments and a workbook 🍇☕️  

SAVE an extra $20 each if you book with a friend (email me to get this discount: info@katmillar.com)  

These workshops sell out fast, so grab your place now!

  • Leave the day with unique tools and strategies that you can apply straight away  
  • Meet new people and build your network with other like-minded entrepreneurs  
  • Have your questions answered to get you unstuck and moving forward into the right action, fast  
  • Get stuff done! This workshop is not just about learning, but DOING!
  • You'll have time in the workshop to implement what you're learning straight away.

Meet Your Presenter For The Day... 

Kat Millar: Speaker, Business Coach & Owner of Amplify Your Influence

Kat Millar has helped thousands of people to achieve life-changing results over the last 15 years. She offers a wide range of knowledge drawn from her experience as a business owner - coaching, training and presenting in three different countries. 

Kat is a professionally trained Speaker and NLP Practitioner. She has invested tens of thousands of hours into learning highly-effective business, mindset and influence skills.  

Her seminars and workshops are always packed with valuable strategies and takeaways that can be applied straight away.  

Join Us At The 'Attract Your Avatar' Workshop

Earlybird tickets only $97 - until midnight, Monday 6th August  

Includes refreshments and a workbook 🍇☕️  

These workshops sell out fast, so grab your place now!